Carbon nanotube Finder Sumio Iijima visits Cnano technology

2020-03-22 16:29

Prof. Sumio Iijima, the discoverer of carbon nanotubes, will come to China to participate in the 2017 Nano-Carbon Materials Science Frontier and Industrialization Conference. Sumio Iijima in 1991 in Japan NEC was first discovered the presence of carbon nanotubes, with the deepening of carbon nanotubes, the application of more and more widely. The visit will focus on the discovery of new types of nanocarbon materials and breakthroughs in the transfer of carbon materials from basic research to industrialization.


Carbon nanotubes are one-dimensional nanocarbon materials. Carbon nanotubes have good electrical conductivity and excellent mechanical strength, and have excellent performance in energy storage, composites, environmental protection and other fields. In particular, China's thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the development of carbon nanotubes to give strong support, Mr. Iijima for new materials in China's future development to give a high degree of certainty.

Mr. Iijima also visited the JiangSu Cnano Technology Co., Ltd. for technical exchange visit, JiangSu Cnano Technology Co., Ltd. for the manufacturer of carbon nanotubes, its technology from Tsinghua University Professor Wei Fei team to provide support. Mr. Iijima praised JiangSu Cnano Technology Co., Ltd. in energy applications on the industry first, the application of carbon nanotubes in lithium batteries. Carbon tube can effectively improve the energy density of lithium batteries to increase the cycle efficiency to meet the fast charge and high current discharge requirements, enhance the performance of lithium batteries play a pivotal role. At the same time Mr. Iijima for carbon tube industry direction given, and for carbon tubes in coatings, plastics, semiconductors and other areas of application development status of exchange.

Mr. Iijima highly commended the development opportunities and potential of carbon nanotubes in China, and it is expected that carbon nanotubes will play a key role in various fields of application.

[About the Academician Sumio Iijima]

Prof. Sumio Iijima is a Japanese physicist and chemist, a member of the Japanese Academy of Sciences, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, he is the Special Director of NEC, Professor of City University and Distinguished Professor of Nagoya University. Cultural merit, Japan Bachelor courtyard award winner, cultural medal winner. Sumio Iijima in 1991 in the "Nature" magazine announced the observation of carbon nanotubes, which open up one-dimensional nanomaterials in the field of new research, to promote the development of nanotechnology to make a significant contribution to the single article has been quoted ten thousand Many times, living in the field of the first, is a strong candidate for the Nobel Prize.